by The Fucked Up Beat



>> is capitalism jealous or possessive toward you?
>> does capitalism try to control you by being very bossy or demanding?
>> does capitalism isolate you or demand you cut off certain relationships?
>> is capitalism violent and/or does it lose its temper quickly?
>> does capitalism pressure you sexually, demanding sexual activities you are
>> not
>> comfortable with?
>> does capitalism claim you are responsible for its emotional state?
>> does capitalism blame you when it mistreats you?
>> does capitalism have a history of bad relationships?
>> have your friends or loved ones warned you about capitalism?
>> are they concerned for your emotional well-being around capitalism?
>> does capitalism keep track of your time?
>> does capitalism control all finances and force you to account for what you
>> spend?
>> does capitalism destroy or take your personal property or sentimental
>> items?
>> does capitalism have affairs?
>> does capitalism threaten to hurt you, your children or pets? threaten to
>> use a weapon?
>> If you feel you are in an abusive relationship with capitalism help is
>> readily available for
>> both parties.
>> Now remember these relationships cannot be changed from one side. By
>> staying, you
>> are condoning and enabling the abuse - and helping capitalism stay sick.
>> If capitalism is
>> unwilling to get help, the only safe course of action is to totally remove
>> yourself from the
>> situation and seek help with us.

erosion landscapes clouds. everything solid evaporating. paranoia and gas tornado ripping up mud. sand storms. dust bowl. three parts. dust bowl wanderers circuses. children doctors. indiana ghost towns. whiskey bottles and firing ranges. outlaw women. magnifying glasses ant parades. the more west u are the biggr reddr an meaner the ants.
every year the towns people gather on the hill at fourth of july to demolish the whole mess in a grand fireworks display to rebuild the town and kickstart the economy. never been outside our fair country. trained for infantry but diptheria kept him out. only some of the gang came back with wheelchair limbs and oxygen tanks. the suicidal country tears at its own flesh. he envys them as he fucks around huffin fumes doin odd jobs eighteen in his thirties. everyone is dead or gave up. family is a weak attempt at a cordial smile. vomit drive as fast as can out through backroad magic doom death still exists. aint no god only devils and salesmen. the science fiction suburbs only ten miles outside of the rust belt. the necessity of our predicament for all that pretty emasculated stressed out glow stick america. post scarcity scarecrow waterlogged jawless freaks in some debt pile blood snot room olympic sized drain. someone oughtta put up an american rehab clinic smack dab in the middle of all this shit. vacuum out the tv ads the tv dinners the tv dating. the jackin off porn slobbers. the suicidal country is limp dicked. but the music still works to focus in on microscale micropolitics. the virus. the contagion. the groundfire spreads. apocalyptic status quo is the age of irony and sarcasm. but im going to survey indiana for wonder. its time to heal. tell the blues . shit tell everyone...were comin home w dynamite.


released January 12, 2012

Written, Recorded, Produced by The Fucked Up Beat
Mixed and Mastered in New York, NY.
Schizo Beats/Field Recordings by B.Zehner.
Sounds/Instruments by E.Palmer.




The Fucked Up Beat New York, New York

THE FUCKED UP BEAT. A sound project from New York City by Eddie Palmer & Brett Zehner.

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